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  • CRESPI Noel


- Réseaux et Services Multimédia Mobiles


In parallel to this specialization coursework, students are involved in concrete research projects and will produce a master’s thesis which requires personnel and team work. Master’s thesis can be conducted in collaboration with industrial partners and external research laboratories. The student can choose his/her advisor in any department in Telecom SudParis: there have been advisors from RS2M, LOR, RST and INF departments as well as Telecom Business School.


Topics are jointly proposed by advisors or students. For a full description of the topics, please refer to the document “MSc ComNETS second year, MSc topics proposals”.

Examples of master’s thesis topics:
- Distribution of Online Social Networks
- OpenFlow/MPLS Path Protection and Restoration
- Modeling and performance analysis of new routing solutions for green networking
- Assisting business process design with activity recommendation
- Semantic Enrichment of Workflow Logs
- Object identification in a real-time tracking process for augmentation
- Mashup applications for end-to-end users: a framework and user acceptance analysis
- Content discovery using people social pattern in P2P networks
- A study on adaptive content delivery for context-aware and seamless service in user-driven ubiquitous networking environment
- Semantic workflow mining
- Inter Vehicular Data Aggregation
- Super Node Selection Strategy in P2P IP Telephony for Wireless ad hoc Networks
- A recommender system for improving web service discovery
- Velocity effect on the performance of MANEMO scenario
- Channel Assignment in Wireless Mesh Networks
- Inter-vehicular data protocol
- Channel Assignment in Wireless Mesh Networks
- MAC protocols in Wireless Sensor Networks
- Spectrum sharing and opportunity maps to optimize spectrum usage
- Robotics in future wireless communication systems
- IMS Service composition






Written Master’s thesis, defence with co-advisors.

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Master of Science

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