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We are now digital humans living in a postmodern world. This course description may never ever be seen on paper! It is more likely to live its short life only in digital form. The digital age has transformed so much of our society, sometimes imperceptively, sometimes radically. This course will examine various aspects of these transformations from the point of view of the user experience. Future managers and engineers will analyse both the socio-economic ramifications and the technical challenges of digital transition.

Acquis d'apprentissage

Above and beyond gaining knowledge of various topics, the course will encourage autonomous learning and research. Students will be asked to sign up for a specific subject and to be one of the organisers of the class on that subject. How the students present their choice depends on the nature of the subject but it may well involve, giving a demonstration, conducting a survey, interviewing an expert or a personality, making a presentation or leading a debate. Once the objective of hosting a class is accomplished, each student will be expected to contribute an article to the class blog for publication.


This course will cover a lot of ground that will be more or less familiar to students depending on their background but the goal is not to teach about technique or business practices. We will be far more concerned about the appropriation, adoption and use (including misuse) of digital technologies. Only a broad multi-disciplinary approach will enable students to fully appreciate how technology and society evolve.

Attentes du cours

Classes are highly interactive, so students should be prepared to share their opinions, offer comments, raise questions and convey information. It is expected that all students and particularly non-native English speakers will use this opportunity to develop and enlarge their communication skills.
All written work is to be original, all content and sources attributed, all plagiarism will be sanctioned and all electronic devices are allowed!


Grading will be on a scale of 0 to 20.
Presence, Participation in classroom activities (and activity online), written work: 50% (CC)
Final exam: 50%

Approches pédagogiques

While the first two classes will be teacher led, from class 3 onwards students will be directing activities. As a result some topics will require work to be done in advance. All such activities will be managed through the Moodle space associated with the course and participation in the classes may be conditional on this work being done. In other words, no preparation, no participation in the class! Otherwise all the normal pedagogical tools and methods will be employed. When possible contributions from experts within the schools and from start-ups in the incubator will be incorporated into the classes.


Programme grande école,Programme Ingénieur

Plan du cours

Provisional class schedule:
(Not in order and subject to change depending on sign-ups)
1. Digital transformation. What is it and why are we studying it? Case study: The cellphone
2. There’s an app for that! Consequences of the mobile internet.
3. The Sharing economy, harvesting the affective to make money, BlaBla Car, Uber, Air B&B,
4. 3D printing. From impossible objects to possible objections.
5. How much for the Quantifiable Self? Wearable technologies, do they measure up and who are the QSers?
6. Droning on. Is there a pilot on this drone? Architecture to Zoology with airspace in between.
7. Big Data, Open Data and mining the present. Visualisation & Manipulation of data in real time.
8. Bitcoin and the Silk Road. The future of money and block chains. Mobile banking and crowdfunding
9. Only connect. The internet of things or for things? From RFID and domotics to driverless cars & making sense of sensors. Smart Cities & Homes
10. Reality is not good enough! Let’s get it augmented or at least virtualized. Hololens to Oculus drift
11. Where are we now? GPS comes inside from the cold. Maps and Power.
12. The end of privacy. What does private now mean in our society? Surveillance, privacy and data collection
13. It’s the game! From casual to serious. The next spectator sport?
14. Save the dating. Your future partner is out there.. are you?
15. I Robot, you Cyborg! Technology enhanced humans, robots & Androids.
16. Final class will incorporate the CF

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