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- Introduction to network configuralibility and programmability (course)
- Towards policy based management and control (separation of data and control plan) (course)
- Network configurability using netconf and yang (course)
- Network virtualisation and programmability (course)
- Introduction to SDN architecture, interfaces and protocols (OpenFlow) (course)
- SDN configuration and practice using Opendaylight, Mininet and Wireshark (course, lab, excercices)
- SDN protection strategies (course, lab, exercices)
- SDN applications design and deployment issues (course, lab, exercices)
- Convergence between SDN, NFV and Cloud Computing (course)
- Research topics (course


The goal of this course is to present the recent advances in the architectures of computers network from high performance hardware-based functions to commodity programmable hardware and software functions that are executed in back end datacenters. After presenting traditional IP network architectures, the need for softwarisation of the network functions (NFV: Network Function Virtualisation) is highlighted. The main associated protocols called OpenFlow and Netconf/Yang are presented. The related use cases in the context of corporate networks, 5G, inter-ISP are presented. Specific optimizations NFV implementation problems and solutions are presented. Finally, a more general picture of SDN in the context of Cloud Computing, Edge Computing, Mobile Cloud and Fog Cloud is presented.


Students are required to have good knowledge in network protocols, general networking, and network architectures.




The evaluation includes a 3 hour written exam and one lab.
The final grade is computed based on the following ratio: 3/4 of exam grade) plus 1/4 of lab grade.
A second session exam is proposed based on the following ratio: best between ((3/4 of exam grade plus 1/4 of lab grade ) and exam grade.

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